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4 days ago

How to Clean Salt Stained Windows

Ocean breezes are one of the many reasons homeowners choose to buy houses in coastal regions. Unfortunately, with the refreshing breeze comes salt spray. Winds off the ocean pick up tiny water droplets; the wind carries minute amounts of salt toward the house, which lands on windows. As the water evaporates, it leaves a white crust of salt, eventually leading to windows too white and scaly to see out of clearly. Salt is damaging to acrylic-windows, windows with a protective film and window-frames, making removal necessary.Ocean spray and beach front living aren't the only places windows can become salted over. During cold, snowy months when homeowners and city workers, spread ice melting salts on roadways, sidewalks, driveways and steps, salty water can be sloshed and sprayed onto them by passing cars and trucks.

You Will Need

Garden hose

Nylon scrubbing-pad

White vinegar

Non-sudsing household ammonia

Spray bottle



Glass wax

Car wax

Rinse your windows with water from a garden hose to dissolve and loosen salt buildup. Do not spray pressurized water streams directly at your windows; the steady stream of water can crack the glass or dislodge the glass from the frame. Or, you can fill a large spray bottle with water from the tap. Point the spray at your window and squeeze the trigger repeatedly to rinse your windows.

Dip a nylon scrubbing-pad or nylon scrubbing sponge into full-strength white vinegar. Scrub the windows to remove it buildup. Rinse the scrubbing pad frequently to remove it from the pad or sponge and avoid smearing a salty coating over the windows. Hose off the windows liberally with plain water or spray them generously with the water from the spray bottle. If it buildup remains, move to the next step.

Add 1 cup of water, 2 teaspoons non-sudsing household ammonia and 2 tsp white vinegar to a spray bottle. Shake the spray bottle gently to mix the ingredients.

Spray the windows with the cleaning mixture generously. Let the cleaner sit on the window surface for three to five minutes to soak into ity surface and loosen the buildup.

Crumble a sheet of newspaper and wipe the window to remove the cleaner and salt. Repeat if necessary to remove a heavy salt accumulation. If it buildup is excessive, repeat the process even if it is no longer visible.

Wet a rag with plain water and wipe the window-frames to remove vinegar residue, which can harm window-frames, especially aluminum frames.

Apply a protective coating of glass wax to prevent it from sticking to the glass in the future. Apply a coat of car wax to metal window-frames so it does not come in direct contact with the metal.

4 days ago

Is your rental car company spying on you?

By Robert McGarvey/

Rental car giant Hertz has admitted it has cameras installed in about one in eight of its cars in the United States. But those cameras -- built into Hertz's NeverLost dashboard assistant that offers routing help and local city guides -- have never been turned on, Hertz has said, loudly and repeatedly. Understand that NeverLost 6 was launched by Hertz in early 2014 -- the product has been out there over a year -- and only now is it causing a flap, probably because more renters began noticing a camera pointed at them.

5 days ago

Value Car Hire – Affordable Budget Car Rental – Pretoria

When looking for an Affordable and Budget vehicle to hire in Pretoria, you need a company with Branches all over Gauteng and South Africa.

Value Car Hire Pretoria offers a wide range of rental vehicles, catering for all budgets and preferences, from the high-end Pretoria luxury car hire to budget car rentals.

Value Car Hire has 8 Provincial Branches in Gauteng and 23 Locations across South Africa, assuring you of some of the best Car Rental deals in South Africa, and that is a promise!

Known as the Jacaranda city, Pretoria is also the second largest city in Gauteng after Johannesburg. Pretoria is a lovely, quiet city and derives its nickname form all the purple blossom-bedecked Jacaranda trees, which line its thoroughfares.

Our car rental Pretoria standard package includes:

Vehicle Damage Cover (to a fixed amount)

Theft Protection (to a fixed amount)

Airport & Location Taxes

VAT at 14%


24-hour Roadside Assistance

To rent an Affordable and Budget car while you are in Pretoria and enjoy its pleasures why not contact Value Car Hire, we offer a reliable car hire fleet for your comfort available in Pretoria and at several local and national pick up locations.

Renting a car with Value Car Hire, is Vehicle Hire made easy.

With the best rates and most reliable car hire fleet available in South Africa, how can you go wrong? But please remember to drive safely and follow the Rules of the Road.

5 days ago

Top 10 Innovative Web 2.0 Applications Of 2005

As 2005 draws to a close, I am overwhelmed by the amount of Web 2.0 startups that this year brought. There were no doubt hundreds or perhaps thousands of new services that came about following on the trend of "Web 2.0". Developers are beginning to create apps that are truly useful. Characteristics include more user interaction, far more efficient use of technologies such as AJAX, and slick design.

2005 also brought many "me too" companies. It seemed like every other Web 2.0 application was "The Best Social Bookmarking Site" or "The Best Startpage Site" or "Another Boring To-Do List site". My only hope is that this nonsense ends a quick death by the end of this month. I am optimistic

1 week ago

McGhee Tyson Airport (TYS) Car Rental and Transportation

For your convenience, an extensive menu of Car Rental, Shuttle, Taxi, and Limousine Companies located at or within close proximity to McGhee Tyson Airport is available on this one page for swift research, review, and immediate consideration. if you need a ride to and from the airport, or vigorously shopping for longer term rental transportation to be used for the duration of your stay, an all inclusive, extensive list of options can be found right here at your finger tips.

When planning a vacation, casual visit, or business trip, it is essential to become acquainted with the immediate and surrounding areas to determine which travel routes are the most cost effective and time saving especially if you'll be commuting via ground transportation such as a rented vehicle. The included interactive map at page bottom will assist you in charting the most efficient directions to all the local or long distance destinations on your itinerary. if you have a popular tourist attraction or famous restaurant on your list of places to see in Tennessee or elsewhere, just type in the establishment name and with one simple "click", all pertinent data should appear.

This information page was designed and developed to provide visitors streamlined transportation specific information that can be obtained within seconds for swift research and decision making. An efficient one stop virtual ground transportation shopping site that combines all distinct yet relevant services on a single car hire Pretoria page so there's no need to visit one site to research shuttle buses, another for car rental etc. It can all be achieved right here.

For your convenience, transportation providers within respective menu capsules for McGhee Tyson Airport are listed alphabetically with corresponding telephone numbers for quick and easy identification and service comparison -

1 week ago

The Hidden Cost of Car Rentals in Mexico


Photo credit: Mike Johnson

If you look online you'll likely be impressed with the rental car rates in Mexico: $6 a day, $8 a day, and even less than $20 a day for an SUV. It seems perfect.

But, you know what they say about deals that sound too good to be true.

2 weeks ago - Breaking News | Latest News

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